Access Control Locksmith Services

Enhance Your Security With Access Control Locksmith Services. Book A Consultation For Control Over Your Business and Property.

physical access control panic bar

Physical Access Control

Install restricted security locks for specified personnel & exit devices.
electric strike access control

Electronic Access Control

Keypads, buzzer systems or access cards to control entry.

real time access control

Real Time Control

Custom software to update users and access points of entry

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Our Access Control Services

commercial keypad school

Commercial Keypad

Super popular in commercial and rental spaces is the keypad. There are endless options for a commercial grade keypad that will work for your business from analog to digital on any type of door and even offers control stations for these keypads.

panic bar installation vertical rod

Exit Hardware / Panic Bar

We provide exit hardware strategies for public exit. Installing these take knowledge & skill in which an access control locksmith can install push bars with or without Detex, door closers or lock indicators to make your company safe.

master system keys

Master System Implementation

Implementing a master system benefits any business with an employee hierarchy. It limits access to certain sensitive spaces to some users and allows access to others. We can create this system for any size business or needs.

IC cores access control systems

IC Cores

IC Core is an interchangeable lock used for businesses that use control keys. Only this key can take out the cylinder. Our access control locksmith technicians install these to companies looking for high security options.

buzzer system access control locksmith

Buzzer System & Electric Strike

Buzzer Systems work well to control visitor or employee entry for gates, hospitals, schools, offices and many businesses. Buzzer Systems use keypads and/or other devices with smart control to enable this technology.

security camera implementation access control

Security Camera Implementation

We execute large scale security camera implementation starting with protecting all sensitvie areas and angles of the building. Then we install, program and discreetly either wire or connect everything together.

Let Us Become A Vendor For Your Business

Calling management companies, property management, realtors, contractors and more: we will make your jobs a priority with fast arrival, discounted pricing after the first service, and expertise. Call our vendor team today.

What Is Access Control

Access Control in essence is any access point that requires authorized entry. This includes a person’s front door or a vehicle’s car key. However,  in this context, it is higher level security for both residential and commercial situations. We have the experts to execute various access control systems, both physical and electronic.

We use access control everyday: when you enter a parking garage, open an apartment gate, or board a train. Call us to control your business or to enhance your home’s security. The access control we work with includes commercial & residential keypads, master systems, IC cores, exit device/panic bar installation, and electric strike systems.

Call Us

Call us for a consultation to arrive on-site to discuss your ideas and provide a solution while evaluating the security you have in place. An access control locksmith will provide a detailed written estimate for the agreed upon plan.

Access Control Benefits

The benefits of installing access control are abundant. By using commercial/residential keypads, this provides a particular code to only designated individuals and restricts unwanted access. A master system provides similar benefits, but allows for a structure that restricts sensitive areas to certain employees while allowing less restriction in other areas. It works nicely for schools, hospitals, warehouses, rental properties, and more. Overall, an access control locksmith can help streamline visitor and employee entry to not just main doors, but sensitive doors and emergency exits.

Choose Access Locksmith Service

In essence, these systems and more only allow specified users to reach sensitive areas. Our knowledgeable access control locksmith technicians will lead you in the right direction to make your business or home secure.

Access Locksmith Service is ready to help your office, home, store, warehouse, rental property, school, or any place that requires higher security solutions. We will fit your needs and budget.


Comprehensive Access Control Locksmith Services

  • Commercial Keypads

  • Buzzer Systems

  • Access Cards

  • Security Camera Implementation

master key systems
  • Master Key System

  • Panic Bar (with Detex)

  • Exit Devices & Exit Hardware

  • IC Cores

residential keypad control
  • IC Cores

  • Intercom Systems

  • Keyless Entry

  • Security Gates

Access Control Locksmith Services

Our access control locksmith techs have the expertise to make your business work better  whether that is implementing an office structure or installing high security exit device hardware or keypads.

  • Texas Licensed & Insured
  • Warranty Protection
  • Appointments & Estimates

Have A Question?

Check out our FAQs for common questions or concerns for our access control techs. If you still don’t see your question, do not hesitate to call us for any clarification or booking. 

What are the different types of access control?

Access control can be as simple as a deadbolt, however, in terms of high security access control, it contains a multitude of services varying from keypads to let individual users be granted entry to using an electric signal to open a lock. It also includes using user hierarchy to grant more entry points to higher level employees. Access control also means secure egress which our access control locksmith techs are experts in. This includes panic bars with or without alarms, peddles, and closers. Even more sophisticated is using biometric IDs like fingerprints and facial recognition or access card systems similar to what apartment complexes or hotels use.

What are the benefits of a keypad for a business?

There are so many manufacturers in the market that produce keypads that it is important you get the right one for your business needs. Basically, a keypad allows the user to input a code in order to open a lock. Keypads work well for businesses that need access permission for visitors and employees particularly in schools, warehouses, rental properties, clinics, and more. Many keypads also have a physical lock for the master user to use when needed.

What is your warranty policy?

All services done by Access Locksmith Service is covered for up to 3 months for repairs. Any lock installations are up to 6 months. However, usually access control warranties are custom in nature. If any locks or hardware installed by an access control locksmith have a defect or some other issue, the warranty for that particular product is applied. The warranty is void if another company attempted to amend the problem after we completed service or if there was any obvious intent after our service was completed.

What areas do you serve?

We are a locksmith Spring Texas based service, but our access control locksmith techs service all the surrounding area including the Woodlands, Willowbrook, Jersey Village, Cypress, Humble, Champion Forest, Klein, Tomball, Magnolia, and more.

What types of payment do you take?

We take primarily virtual payments like Zelle or Venmo, any debit/credit cards and cash. We become vendors for many of our clients and accept ACH or check payments from them. Let our access control locksmith techs know if you are a business that would like to make an account with us.

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