Car Locksmith

Hire A Car Locksmith To Keep Your Vehicle Secure With New Keys & More. Call Us For Quick Service.

lock re-key

Car Key Replacement

We provide new or spare car keys that include key fobs, turn keys, remotes or proximity keys.

lock & keypad install


Our auto locksmith arrives quickly in this time sensitive situation to open your car door or trunk.

residential locksmith lockout

Ignition Switch & Repair

Sometimes the problem is not the key, but rather the ignition that we can repair or replace.

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Our Car Locksmith Services

car key replacement

Car Key Replacement

Our auto locksmith services car keys for any vehicle. We have metal keys, transponder/chip keys, flip keys, remote heads, and key fobs available.Our car locksmith has the inventory on hand to cut a key or program a remote on site.

ignition switch and repair

Ignition Switches & Repair

Sometimes the issue lies with the ignition rather than the key when they key will not turn. We repair your ignition should your key not work or get stuck. Other times, your vehicle may need to have the ignition completely replaced by an auto locksmith.

lockouts service specialty


We perform lockout service no matter if the key is inside the vehicle itself or in the trunk. We can do this for any type of vehicle from sedans to 18 wheelers. If you need a car key replacement as well, we can make one on site.

remote programming service

Remote Programming

If you need to program your remote, we have the appropriate software for your vehicle to program it on site. An auto locksmith can program any type of remote or program key fobs for push to start and high security vehicles.

peterbilt specialty key

Specialty Keys

Our car locksmith techs have experience creating keys for vehicles requiring higher skill. These include work vans, box trucks, and 18 wheelers as well as vehicles older than 2000. It takes special keys, software, and techniques.

door & glove rekey service

Door & Glove Box Re-Key

We provide re-key service for vehicle door locks, truck bed locks or glove compartment locks. An auto locksmith will recommend this service if your key has been misplaced, stolen, or there has been an attempted break-in.

Hire An Auto Locksmith

Hire a car locksmith with the right expertise to make any car key you desire for your vehicle. Access Locksmith Service provides excellent service from initial contact to closing. Our secret is in the details: establishing your goals for the job, providing comparative options, implementing the agreed upon plan, and finally creating the final product or repair that goes above your expectations.

Car Key Replacement

There is a vast inventory of car keys and remotes out there. Our auto locksmith techs make sure to carry the right one for you before we meet you, paired with the software to program and cut the key to work perfectly. Each make, model, or year has its own key that matches for that vehicle. For example, a newer Nissan may have a push button ignition so a regular key will not start the engine whereas an older model would just use a transponder key.

Most key ignition vehicles will have its own key, but you may request a remote to lock/unlock the doors as well instead of using the key to open everything. The same applies for how to perform lockout service because some vehicles use manual locking systems whereas others use electronic systems. Either way, our auto locksmith has the tools to help you in in an emergency.

Ignition Repair/Replacement

If your key works and the car won’t start, then the culprit may be the ignition itself. The ignition has inside cuts, and when there is wear and tear over time, the key may not be able to start the vehicle any longer. When this occurs, the ignition needs to be replaced. Our auto locksmith can supply the ignition for you to be switched. Other times, the ignition solely needs to be repaired and no replacement is needed.

Complete Car Locksmith Services

Because there is a huge pool of different vehicles, Access Locksmith Service ensures that we have the right materials to make sure whatever your auto need is to be fulfilled. There are many other services that go beyond car keys, ignitions, and lockouts. We can also change the door lock or glove compartment lock. As time passes, vehicle key systems change and we keep up with the different techniques and programming needed to get the service done.

Our auto locksmith techs are ready to give your auto security solutions that fits your preferences and budget. Need us in an emergency? No problem. We work around the clock for lockouts, lost car keys, or anything else no matter rain or shine, night or day, weekend or weekday. We also do same day booking or appointments in advance. Call us to see how we can help you.


Comprehensive Auto Locksmith Services

  • Car Key Replacement

  • Ignition Switch/Repair

  • Car Lockout

  • FOB, Flip, Transponder Keys

  • Trunk Lockout

car locksmith services
  • Remote Programming

  • Key Cutting

  • Spare Keys & Copies

  • Cars Older Than 1990

  • Flash & Vat Programming

key cutting car locksmith service
  • 18 Wheeler/Box Truck Keys & Lockout

  • Work Van Keys & Lockout

  • Motorcycle Keys

  • Key Extractions

  • Luxury Vehicles

Let Us Become A Vendor For Your Business

Calling dealerships, body shops, mechanics and more: we will make your jobs a priority with fast arrival, discounted pricing after the first service, and expertise for customers who need car keys or ignition service. Call our vendor team today.

About Our Auto Locksmith Services

Not only can we provide car key replacements, perform lockout service, and repair/replace ignitions, but we also can perform these services on specialty vehicles such as work vans, antiques, box trucks and 18 wheelers, luxury vehicles, and motorcycles that use flash programming, laser cutting, and special techniques and machinery.

  • Texas Licensed & Insured Auto Locksmith Techs
  • All Makes/Models
  • Appointments & Emergency

Have A Question?

Check out our FAQs for common questions or concerns for our car locksmith techs. If you still don’t see your question, do not hesitate to call us for any clarification or booking.

Why Will My Ignition Not Turn?

Your ignition goes through wear and tear just like a car key although it is not entirely visible. This is especially true when one attempts to turn the ignition without the key being fully inserted. Eventually, this damages the ignition. If you find your ignition not turning, your ignition needs to be taken out and either repaired or replaced by a car locksmith.

Why Is My Car Not Starting?

If your key turns the ignition, but the car still does not start, the problem likely lies with the actual key. If your key operates with a transponder chip, most likely the chip is damaged and your key will need to be replaced. Our car locksmith techs have transponders on hand and remotes.

How Do You Open A Car If The Key Is Locked Inside?

We recommend an auto locksmith actually open your car door. A car locksmith will have the right tools to open any type of vehicle. Some vehicles have a higher level of risk because the door or window can actually break. The auto locksmith also has the right tools for varying locking mechanisms including electronic systems.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We service Houston and the Greater area including Spring, Tx, The Woodlands, Katy, Pearland, Friendswood, and the Greater Houston area for auto locksmith services.

What Types Of Payment Do You Take?

We take primarily virtual payments like Zelle or Venmo, any debit/credit cards or cash. Sometimes, customers may pay by check. Let us know if you are a business that would like to make an account with us if you are happy with our auto locksmith service.

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